Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God: My Journey on Slieve League

The journey up winding path of Slieve League left me breathless both from the exertion of energy and the surrounding beauty. It was an unexpected stop but as we arrived, I realized why the tour guide had suggested it with such vigor. As I got out of the car, he told me to “take as long as I liked”, a bit of advice that I was all too happy to oblige.

The air was damp and cool, a slight breeze gently danced with my hair. The rocky cliffs stood fearlessly against the crash of the waves below, with the water falling back on itself, tumbling through the air. The sun played peek-a-boo in the sky with the light grey fluffy clouds that beckoned memories from childhood of bouncing from one to another.

The stone path was narrow with each stone laid at a different vertical height from the next, no builder’s code involved. There were pieces that were so close to each other it was hard to judge the difference.  The distraction of the surrounding majestic mountains caused me to trip, but it was almost if the hands of old helped me keep my footing. There was something in those mountains; the romantic allure of Ireland, the beholding of God’s creation.

As I reached the top of the mountain pass a gentle drizzle fell on my face. It was refreshing and delightful, despite the fact that my glasses were getting spotty.  Basking in the glory of the surroundings and not wanting to miss out on any experience, I left my hood unused resting on my back. I turned my face to the sky and smelled the rain. A flood of emotions washed over me as I thought to worries back home, past mistakes and hopes for the future.  I inhaled, pausing for a moment to consider these concerns and then peace chased them away as I remained still, thinking of a verse from Romans. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (8:38-39). The breeze kicked up slightly and I exhaled.

I walked down the narrow stone steps, leaving behind the mountain’s glory. My footing was challenged, my ability to maintain balance, again, put to the test. It was more perplexing to come down, the drizzle made slippery spots with each step. But my spirit was lifted and felt lighter. There was a renewed energy to my step. I realized, no matter what, that God was leading me step by step.

If you are currently facing a challenge, meditate on the verses above from Romans 8. Take courage from the promise of God’s love. Find a place to be quiet and ponder the beauty of His creation; after all He made it for you. Think about how you can incorporate time in your life to regroup and refresh. God doesn’t ask us to move heaven and earth for Him, He just asks us to let Him lead us…step by step.

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